Responsibility for production of our goods is a fundamental element within our company culture. Detailed contracts guarantee that no harmful substances are used in accordance to legal requirements.

In order to maintain constant good quality we aim at working with our suppliers on a long term basis and as far as our expectations and what is within the realms of possibility are concerned we communicate closely and on a regular basis with our suppliers. To ensure that our requirements are kept during production we use a system with a number of different control mechanisms which are carried out by independent third parties in the producing factories.

The cooperation with the major associations representing the textile industry ensures that we are always up to date on all relevant guidelines. Each of these associations support us in our endeavours to be correct and fair when trading with our suppliers. Through our internal control systems we continually work to improve our quality.

Member of amfori, the leading global business association for open and sustainable trade. For more information visit

  • Quality management
  • Management and processes
  • ISO 9001 customer orientierung & continuous improvement
  • Represents interests of German fashion industry
  • Courses, consultancy services and lobbying
  • Legal matters, care symbols, common conditions, customs and duty
  • Industrial cooperation
  • Work groups
  • Dialogue support
  • Definition of standards in industry and trade
  • International activities (organisations in 100 countries)
  • EDI, EAN, ILN (GLN), RFID, Logistik etc.
  • EDR strategies
  • Association of German fashion and Textile industry
  • Economic, social and tariff policies
  • National and trade associations
  • BTE – association for trade
  • Authorised Economic Operator
  • Security and simplification of international trade and security of the supply chain
  • Prevention of abuse of the international supply chain through
    acts of terrorism