EDI basics

EDI stands for electronic data interchange between companies. Information is standardised, enabling a fast, error-free and automated transmission of data. We offer you various types of EDI notification:

  • Invoices (INVOIC)
  • Delivery note (DESADV with/without NVE)
  • Article master data (PRICAT/SINFOS)
  • Order transmission (ORDERS)
  • Order confirmation (ORDRSP)

For optimal space management and provision, we use the following notification types:

Sales via Salesreport (SLSRPT)

After receiving daily Sales figures, an automatic re-delivery takes place according to a defined rhythm.

Stocks via Inventory Report (INVRPT)

Customers’ stock data are compared with the defined target stock for the ranges – the difference is automatically re-delivered. Seasonal fluctuations can be taken into account by adjusting the target stock.

VMI Vendor Managed Inventory

Similar to the Inventory Report: The basis for calculating the stocks are the sell-off numbers presented in a sales report. After comparing the target stocks, the difference is automatically re-delivered.

In short: we make sure that spaces are always optimally filled.